The Institute provides training and documents procedures for companies to sustain teams of promotable people.

If an employee isn't a fit, we provide career coaching
as a graceful exit strategy.

We groom people with potential to succeed in their job or find their next career.

We deal with jerks at work. We train them to have the right attitude and get their work done.

If you’re annoyed that your team gets stuck in their complaints and excuses, it’s time for them to start taking action!

We understand that it’s exhausting when you get stuck in achieving your goals and don't have the support on how to move forward. Now you can take control of your career.

It can be frustrating if you are laid off or know you need a new job and you are having trouble finding that job where you feel excited to get to work.

Promotable people master people skills, sales, customer service, professionalism, ethics, supervision, and leadership.

  • “I’ve found my training time from Institute for Mastering Success extremely powerful." - Ann, Management Professional

    “I felt there was a purpose for all of my work.” - Ben, Professional

    "You helped make us better people, a stronger team, and in the long run, helped our business more than we could measure." - Samantha, Business Owner

    “Their trainers are great listeners and quickly understood the office dynamics." - Liz, Management Professional

    “We hit it off immediately. The Institute knew how to help me get my team to feel and act with this same ‘Character First’ approach. They made an altering improvement with me and my team.” - Steve, Management Professional

    "I learned how to manage my time and tasks more.” - Amy, Professional

    "My trainer helped identify and solve the true problems we didn’t know existed." - Sam, Business Owner

Promotable people are skilled, engaged, teachable, productive, and profitable.

    Self-Motivated and Productive

  • 79% of our participants increased their productivity and engagement at work when only 30%* of the American workforce is engaged at work.

    Engaged and Connected

  • 80% of participants found a connection to the overall mission, goals, clients, and/or work they were affiliated with.


  • When employees are engaged and productive profitability increases approximately 22%*. Everyone wins.

  • (*Gallup Poll, 2013)

Discovery Session

Work doesn't have to be so difficult. Discover what is the cause of your frustration and lack-luster results. Sign up HERE for one complimentary session with CEO, Jen Hamilton to find out what is the cause of the problems and how to fix it.

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