Start Your Day with an Attitude for Attracting Success


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We wake up each day and have the choice to have an extremely productive and enjoyable day or we have the choice to allow negative circumstances control how we live each moment. If someone or something comes into our life, we can decide if it will affect us for 1 minute or the entire day. To live a massively successful life, decide that what you think and believe will be nothing short of extraordinary!

Here are the best, most effective ways to start your day with the best possible attitude!

1.) Before you go to sleep at night write down 3 things you were grateful for from the day. Physically writing down what we appreciate helps the brain and body to feel this positive act in the present moment.

(**For extra success set your alarm 15 minutes early, you’ll see why later)

2.) While laying in bed visualize the happiest moments you want to experience, visualize the success, happiness, people you want to attract in your life. Feel the emotions in your body, take deep slow breaths and smile all the while knowing you are attracting these things into your life.

3.) When you Rise and Shine for the day 15 minutes earlier then normal, open up YouTube. Search for either: Jim Rohn, Eric Thomas, Les Brown, Abraham Hicks or Grant Cardone. Pick a 10-15 min video that looks appealing to you and watch it without doing, thinking or talking. Just listen.

4.) After the video, write down 3 things you are so grateful for this morning.

5.) Enjoy your day and be proud of yourself for going to bed with a positive mindset, waking up early and completing your personal development even before you get out of bed to brush your teeth!

Happy Living!

By Ashley DeMatos

Photo by: © Johnlric | Dreamstime Stock Photos

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