Women Supporting Women: Empowerment Rather Than Intimidation By Other Powerful Women

182251 © Twmedia | Dreamstime Stock Photos

182251 © Twmedia | Dreamstime Stock Photos

So why do women compete with each other? Do powerful women intimidate you or empower you? Why do women feel threatened or insecure around other women? What stops us from supporting each other?

Lets get straight to the point, women are seemingly jealous of other women. We compete, dress for each other, and enable stereotypes when frequently we are subject to the same treatment. On the contrary, what most women don’t understand, women are their key to success. Women supporting, encouraging and mentoring other women could possibly be the pinnacle of a woman’s success. Rather than creating a story against women, we have the opportunity to gain more power, knowledge and wisdom from each other.

How to shift your mindset and gain support of other women to empower your own cause and impact:

– YOU are valuable: There was a 1 in 400 Trillion chance you were born. Let that sink in for a second. You are so rare, have incredible gifts and have a place on this earth that no one else can fill.

– Remember it’s not all about you: as human beings, we spend our lifetime in our own head. We focus solely on the benefit and progression of ourselves. This isn’t a bad thing, its not wrong, but its our reality. Since it’s our ‘reality’, we have the opportunity to challenge it. We can ONLY thrive when we take the focus off of ourselves and shift it to others. Rather, ask what can I do to benefit this person, how can my expertise and network benefit them?

– Everyone is just as scared as you: We all pretend as if we are cool and calm, but every single person I’ve ever met is afraid of something. We are all afraid of being judged, found out, or hurt. WE ALL FEEL THIS WAY. You are no different. And if we all feel this way, there is really nothing to be afraid of.

– NO one knows what they are doing just like you: We all started the exact same. Simply, we were born into this world. We are all learning in our own way and experiencing life in our own way. No one and I mean no one, knows what they are doing until they experience it. Once someone experiences something, her knowledge has value. Your knowledge has value and now we have something to offer each other.

– We (women) know exactly what each other are going through: As women, we have a very unique experience of life. We feel, nurture, love and live much differently than men. Each of us has very similar experience to what the other is going through. We have the opportunity to use the positive and not so positive understanding to benefit one another.

– Our only option is to break the ice with a smile: A smile can provide love, understanding, and kindness for someone that could be having the worst day. The amazing secret to a smile is not only do the two people involved benefit greatly, all of the people around them benefit as well. Watching two people smile at each other sends positivity radiating around them, impacting so many more than two people.

– Offer support, guidance and love: Have you ever been approached by a woman who offered support in a time when you really needed it? Think of the repercussions of offering your support to someone else. Think about the positive outcomes for them and their circumstances if we can get out of our own head long enough to provide our knowledge and experience. In speaking of love, love is the most precious gift we can give to each other. It takes a certain vulnerability and patience. To give love to someone we may not know all to well can seem outrageous, but when truly looking at the bigger picture of life. What else are we here to do, but to give love in every area and experience? Why else would we have feelings, emotions and connect with one another on such a deeper level.

Beyond ‘Girl Power’ and all the other childish sayings we give ourselves to mask the true meaning of women supporting women– Women Empowerment can take its place.

By: Ashley DeMatos, Membership Development Associate for Institute for Mastering Success

(c) 2015, Institute for Mastering Success






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